At KidzDance, they’re MORE THAN DANCE! Come join them today! 

Start your child off with the KidzDance dance package for only $35.99. Includes two weeks of dance classes, ballet slippers and a KidzDance tote bag. For more information call 407-889-9898. They’re conveniently located in Victoria Plaza, where U.S. 441 meets Vick Road and on the web at

KIDZDANCE is now in their 20th year teaching children’s dance in Apopka.

Voted the number one dance studio in the Best of Apopka since it began in 2010, KIDZDANCE is considered Central Florida’s family-friendly dance studio that offers year-round instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip-Hop, Modern, Lyrical and Contemporary classes.

These programs can help your child learn to dance, develop coordination and grace and make new friends. With dance, they’re given the opportunity to reach other goals: whether it’s dance, becoming a better athlete, or perhaps, just learning the hottest new steps in Hip Hop.

“Dance can be life-changing and is often a dream for children of all ages who have never danced but decided they want to learn! It’s a great way for them to build self-confidence and get fit while building strength, flexibility, coordination, and rhythm while having fun, plus it helps to promote a healthy and happy child.” stated owner and operator Debra Garaffa.

At KIDZDANCE, dancers learn focus, discipline and respect for themselves and others as they work with their instructors. Learning to set and work towards long-term goals also helps dancers develop the discipline and confidence to achieve exceptional success both in and out of the studio.

Students develop coordination, balance, and flexibility…and so much more. Students have the CONFIDENCE to hold their heads high having learned to set and reach goals, to work with others as a TEAM, and to practice with DISCIPLINE.

“Now, more than ever, children need this type of instruction and interaction. KIDZDANCE has taken multiple steps to ensure the health of their staff and dance families.  We offer smaller class sizes with cleaning between each class. If props are used, they’re cleaned after each use and the studio has clearly defined individual dance spaces. And, all areas are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day,” stated Garaffa.

The TEACHING STAFF is carefully selected to provide excellent training through the KIDZDANCE curriculum. They offer talented young dancers’ guidance in entering college, where their training can be continued, and even into the industry.

KIDZDANCE has a unique mission. Leadership. They believe every person has a unique mission, and learning to identify and develop that mission will not only strengthen the life of the individual but also make a difference to others enhancing the community. This is why they teach LEADERSHIP!  Not all students will become professional dancers, but all will become professional people!

KIDZDANCE is the only studio in Central Florida offering large comfortable viewing lounges where families can watch class comfortably every week through large one-way glass openings. You can see your dancer, but your dancer sees a mirror, so focusing on class becomes easy!

Not sure where to start?  KIDZDANCE offers programs for preschoolers to intermediate and advanced dancers, from ballet and tap to hip-hop or contemporary, they have a program for you. Intro Packages are currently available for only $35.99! New students start in an intro program that includes ballet slippers and 2 weeks of classes.

And for all of your dancewear needs, DANCEGEAR is located at the entrance to the studio and carries all the major brands of dancewear. They are in Victoria Plaza, near where U.S. 441 meets Vick Road and on the web at

Reach out today by calling 407-889-9898 or visit their website at They can’t wait to meet you!