As weather cools down, fishin’ in our area should improve


Hello Folks,

I hope everyone is ready for some cooler weather and some of Florida’s great fishin’. The fishin’ should continue to get better as we move into the fall weather pattern. I have mentioned in the past the specks are startin’ to bite already and as the weather cools down, the speck fishin’ will get better as well.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the folks in his area are catchin’ some nice specks in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. At the end of last week, the bite was really good and folks were catchin’ ’em on minners. You will find the specks in the deeper parts of the lake, so keep driftin’ over the deeper parts of the lake until you find ’em. Kyle also reports folks are still catchin’ some nice bluegills in Lake Monroe on red worms. That bite will soon be over so if you want to catch some nice bluegills, you better hurry before the cooler weather gets here. When the specks really start bitin’, folks will be fishin’ for them all the time.

The bass fishin’ is still doin’ good on most days but should pick up as the cooler months ahead of us. The Central Florida Bass Hunters held their first tournament of the new year and it took 22.36 lbs. to win on the Harris Chain last Saturday. Congratulations to the team of Blaine Partee and Kyle Grissom for their win. Oh, I forgot to mention that Blaine fished by himself because his partner had a family emergency and couldn’t fish. Congratulations to the team of Ken Wilson and Bob Greathouse for catchin’ the biggest bass of 8.25 lbs. There were 39 boats entered in the tournament. There were 171 bass caught for a total weight of 251 lbs.

There was another tournament on the the Harris Chain on Sunday and it took more than 22 lbs. to win that tournament. So I guess it’s safe to say that the bass fishin’ on the Harris Chain is doin’ pretty good.

Rick and I fished Lake Dora on Tuesday and we caught eight bass on slow-sinkin’ Senko-type baits and speed worms. We didn’t catch any biguns but we had a good time on the water. The bass. Fishin’ on the Kissimmee Chain has been pretty good as of late. I talked to some anglers and they are catchin’ some nice bass on the chain. You will do best by gettin’ on the water early and takin’ advantage on the early-mornin’ bite. You will find some schoolers around runnin’ water and bass feedin’ on the baitfish. Once the sun gets up, try puttin’ that long rod in you hand and flip the heavy cover with your favorite flippin’ baits.

I also wanted to mention that FWC TrophyCatch program season seven ended on Monday, September 30. The program was started in 2012 to help the FWC in management and conservation of Florida’s freshwater fisheries. The TrophyCatch program promotes best handling practices for trophy bass and to ensure that each TrophyCatch bass is released alive. The program has recorded 9,000 bass that weighed 8 lbs. or larger. If you would like to participate in the program go to the FWC website and get registered for season eight.

I hope you get a chance to do some fishin’, and I’ll see you next week.

Tip of the week: fishin is gettin’ better.

Save a few and good luck!