“Apopka’s Visionary in Geriatric Care: Dr. Stephen Quaning’s MetroHealth – A Melting Pot of Medical Excellence and Cultural Wisdom”


In the bustling community of Apopka, Florida, MetroHealth stands as a testament to the power of compassionate healthcare and cultural richness. At its core is Dr. Stephen Quaning, the Medical Director and Chief Physician, whose personal journey and professional expertise have shaped MetroHealth into a beacon of hope and health for senior citizens.

MetroHealth is more than a medical facility; it’s a culturally diverse community hub. Originally from the West Indies, Dr. Quaning leads a team as diverse as the community they serve, with staff that includes members fluent in Spanish and Creole. This linguistic inclusivity ensures that no patient feels like an outsider, fostering a welcoming and understanding environment.

MetroHealth is a microcosm of Apopka’s diversity, embodying a holistic approach to geriatric care. It’s a place where medical expertise, cultural sensitivity, and a deep-rooted sense of community converge, making it not just a healthcare provider, but a vital part of the fabric of Apopka. Here, every patient is treated, not just as an individual with medical needs, but as a valued member of a culturally rich family. Dr. Quaning’s vision and leadership have indeed made MetroHealth a symbol of health and unity in Apopka.

Emphasizing the importance of cultural integration, MetroHealth offers free English classes, hosted by Grace in America, to the Spanish-speaking community every Thursday at 1:30pm. This initiative goes beyond language; it’s a bridge to greater community involvement and cohesion, empowering individuals to confidently engage in their daily lives.

Dr. Quaning’s influence extends beyond the walls of MetroHealth. The office has partnered with the Department of Children and Families to create a community assistance site. This Educational Access Center hosts free events that include food distribution, educational classes, and seminars. These events, particularly the Thanksgiving turkey giveaway, are a reflection of MetroHealth’s commitment to community spirit and support.  MetroHealth has also partnered with a local research facility, K2 Medical, and provides free medical screenings for Alzheimers and depression.

Since taking the helm of MetroHealth in 2002, Dr. Quaning has transformed it into a premier provider of expert geriatric medical care in Central Florida. His unique approach to patient care is deeply personal. Inspired by his experience as a caregiver for his aging grandfather, Dr. Quaning understands the profound impact that personalized care has on maintaining a high quality of life in one’s later years. He believes that the essence of geriatric medicine is not just to add years to life, but more importantly, to add life to those years.

MetroHealth offers so much to their community as well as their patients.  The dedicated care at MetroHealth includes 24-hour on-call support, house calls, telemedicine, and a personal touch with each patient. Coming in 2024, we will have more exciting things, to add. Come see for yourself what makes the MetroHealth experience so unique by stopping by for a quick tour or attending one of their community events. Upcoming this month, the Turkey Giveaway will be held at MetroHealth of Apopka at 701 S. Orange Blossom Trail on November 21st at 10am.

For more information, call 407-703-9990.