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Apopka man crashes car into sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle, charged with DUI, drug possession

Apopka man
Sonny Almanza

An Apopka man was arrested and charged for DUI as well as four counts involving drug possession and intent to sell marijuana after he crashed his car into an Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) vehicle on Friday, July 14.

Sonny Almanza, 25, was driving a Nissan four-door vehicle that collided into the back of an OCSO Chevrolet Impala, which Deputy Cheyenne Dasilva was driving, at the intersection of Benbow Court and Orange Blossom Trail, Apopka.

According to a report from Apopka police, Dasilva was transported to Florida South Hospital due to her injuries in the crash.

Almanza was charged with the following counts: marijuana possession with intent to sell, cocaine possession, possession of marijuana over 20 grams, and possession of drug equipment.

Almanza has a history of getting arrested for illegal substances between 2009 and 2014, according to the police report.

The suspect was the only person inside the Nissan and the only driver of the vehicle. He is also the car’s registered owner. He was outside his car while the crash investigation went on.

During the crash investigation, police noticed that Almanza would “behave in a suspicious manner” that included continual door locking with his car remote whenever a deputy walked by the vehicle, according to the report.

Police searched through the suspect’s vehicle after asking him if there was something in there that needs to be known. Almanza replied yes. The search inside the car found drugs and drug equipment including almost 46.5 grams of cannabis inside a ziplock bag.

Almanza submitted to a breath test, which yielded results of .000, or no alcohol impairment at the time of the crash. However, police determined that he was under drug influence based on observation of his actions and condition including slurred speech, and glassy and bloodshot eyes.

A urine sample was collected in this case for analysis by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Based on the investigation, police determined that Almanza was at fault for the crash because he was under substance influence.

The Chevrolet and Nissan were estimated to have $7,000 in damages to each.

Almanza was transported to Orange County Jail.