A.O.K. Tire Mart has been providing quality car care in Apopka since 1988

Apopka A.O.K. Tire Mart
A.O.K Tire Mart is conveniently located at 200 W. Main Street.

Since 1988, A.O.K. Tire Mart has been a neighborhood, family-owned tire center serving the needs of customers in Apopka, Sanford and the surrounding area. For over 30 years, they have been able to provide the benefits of an established national entity while maintaining the personal touch of a family-owned business. They understand that your vehicle is a major investment, and they care for each customer’s vehicle as if it were their own.
A.O.K Tire Mart has ASE-certified auto mechanics who can handle a variety of automotive repair services like exhaust system repairs, four-wheel drive system repairs, diesel engine system repairs, differential repairs, brake repairs, transmission flushes, and steering and suspension repairs. A.O.K. Tire Mart specializes in the retail and commercial end of new and used tires. They are a full service car care center offering all types of minor or major mechanical repairs.
They want their customers to get the most out of their vehicles. So, what is the key to keeping your car running for a long time? Following the recommended maintenance intervals outlined in your owner’s manual and checking for potential problems before they happen is essential to overall vehicle maintenance. But when the time for necessary auto repairs arrives, remember where to turn: A.O.K. Tire Mart.
One overlooked maintenance tip is to check your brake fluid. Brake fluid can attract moisture which will corrode components. Brake fluid should be replaced once a year to keep calipers, hoses, and other components in top operating condition. Other important fluids to consider changing on a regular basis includes power steering fluid and coolant. Each fluid has its own service interval, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.
Tires are another one of the most overlooked parts of a car. Tire pressure changes with the outdoor temperature. An under-inflated tire bulges outward and puts undue pressure on the sidewalls of the tire. With enough heat and pressure, that tire eventually will blow. An over-inflated tire, on the other hand, makes less contact with the road and can lead to hydroplaning in wet conditions.
A.O.K. Tire Mart offers nitrogen to fill your tires. Nitrogen maintains better tire pressure and keeps tires 20% cooler, prolonging the life of your tires and even using less fuel. They provide the finest in tire products such as Uniroyal, Michelin, General and BF Goodrich, and offer tires for your tuner, sports car, passenger car, family SUV, sport truck, pickup truck, or off-road vehicle, with many options to fit your needs. They even offer 24-hour roadside assistance for your convenience.
Remember, the next time you need your vehicle serviced in any way, stop in and see for yourself why A.O.K. Tire Mart is leading the way in automotive service. They are open six days a week for your convenience.
Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday, from 8 a.m. to noon. Call A.O.K. Tire Mart at 407-889-7074 for more information. Visit them at their new website, aoktiremart.net or like them on Facebook for great specials and discounts.