A Community-Owned Energy Source that Fits Your Lifestyle? Genius.

Lake Apopka Natural Gas
Natural gas sets the table for easy and precise cooking and a better, tastier finished product. Lake Apopka Natural Gas District is located at 1320 Winter Garden Vineland Road, in Winter Garden. For inquiries, please call 407-656-2734.

Every October, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District joins the country in celebrating Public Natural Gas Week, an event dedicated to building awareness of the value of having a community-owned natural gas distribution system and the wealth of benefits offered to consumers of natural gas.

As public gas systems are owned by the community and avoid stockholder pressure, customers are provided competitive costs and the assurance that local dollars stay at home.  And, as public gas systems are controlled locally, they are better able to focus on customer service.  By maintaining close ties and relationships within the communities they serve, public gas systems have their finger on the pulse of their customers and, as a result, are able to successfully meet their needs.

For 60 years, the District team has proudly served as a reliable and friendly provider of natural gas – the energy of the future – to a customer base that has grown to more than 23,000 in Apopka, Winter Garden, Clermont and surrounding communities, and these loyal customers are in good company. Today, 177 million American consumers turn to the clean, domestic, dependable and economical energy source to fuel their homes, businesses and daily lives. It’s genius.

Why “genius,” you may ask? On March 14, 2019, National Genius Day, the American Public Gas Association (APGA) launched a new campaign – “Natural Gas. Genius.” – a consumer marketing campaign that speaks from the heart and mind of today’s homebuyer or remodeler. It’s refreshing, sassy and right on target with its target audience. In each component of the campaign, APGA shares people’s experiences and stories that show how they are transforming into providers of better living for themselves and those they love because they are choosing natural gas. This transformation acknowledges the “genius” moves people are making and encourages them to do more with natural gas.

Today, many homeowners see natural gas appliances as a luxury upgrade in their remodeling projects or new home purchases, and they’re right. But, while natural gas fuels many of the everyday luxuries you’ve been waiting for, it comes without an opulent price tag. Consumer Affairs reports homeowners save up to 30% on their utility bills each month after converting from electric to natural gas appliances. Plus, gas appliances are faster, use less fuel and last longer. Easy living at a lower cost? Genius.

With cost-effectiveness also comes infallible reliability. Because natural gas is sourced from an underground pipeline, you never have to worry about access to energy when you need it. Natural gas is always readily available, even through power outages, storms and hurricanes, because natural gas appliances – stoves, grills, water heaters, clothes dryers and much more – stay running without electricity. Even in the midst of Florida’s surprise showers and thunderstorms, natural gas consumers can rest easy, knowing they have everything they need, no matter the weather.

With an abundant supply of domestic natural gas, there’s no need to worry about running out of fuel. Approximately 85% of natural gas consumed in the U.S. is produced domestically. While this ensures reliability and access, it also reduces dependence on foreign sources, keeping America’s energy dollars “at home.”

Plus, it’s friendly for the environment – tapping into domestic natural gas reduces the large carbon footprint that comes with foreign energy imports. Natural gas is also the cleanest-burning energy source available, leaving only water vapor and trace amounts of inactive elements behind. Natural gas appliances produce approximately 45% less carbon dioxide and the total energy consumption is 33% less than a similar home with all electric appliances. Saving the planet while saving your wallet? Now that’s genius.

Perhaps most importantly, the underground delivery system for natural gas has a remarkable safety record. Each year, the natural gas industry spends more than $4 billion on safety-related efforts. There’s no unnecessary risk associated with energy sourced from natural gas, making it a safe, brilliant option for your family and the environment.

Looking at the big picture, natural gas is more than just your monthly energy bill. Whether you’re making a home-cooked meal for the family or sending the kids to shower after soccer practice, it’s always there when you need it. On demand. 24/7. Safe, efficient power for you and those you love? That’s genius.

To celebrate the “genius” of natural gas usage and to commemorate Public Natural Gas Week, District customers, as well as other members of the community, are invited to stop by any of the District’s three offices from October 7-11, 2019, to enjoy refreshments, learn more about natural gas service and cost benefits of natural gas appliances, and take home a complimentary 2019 natural gas-themed calendar.

Are you ready to make the switch to natural gas? For more information on natural gas service for your home, business or vehicle, please contact the District Marketing Team at (407) 656-2734 x 307, marketing@langd.org or visit www.langd.org.