2022 Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Awards starts August 19


Voting for the 2022 Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Awards will begin Friday, August 19.

Sponsored by The Apopka Chief and The Planter, the Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Awards honors the achievements of businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the Apopka area.

The Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Awards are a way for the local community to give a formal “acknowledgement” to businesses that we frequently visit because of their quality of services and/or products they provide. These are the businesses that make the Apopka area a place that we can be proud to call home.

“Over the past couple years there’ve been many challenges and complex issues that almost every business has sustained to some level. Challenges here in our community and throughout the U.S. have included recuperating from the Covid pandemic, staffing issues, product shortages and inflation. Many business owners are still trying to overcome these obstacles. Many businesses also recognize competition as an important aspect of a business’s growth. Competition always pushes for innovative thinking, updating or improving customer service, as well as a better understanding of needs regarding customer preferences,” said Jackie Trefcer, marketing director for the newspapers.

The Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Award is a roadmap to those businesses and are chosen by voters, the residents, and patrons who rely on them. Winning an award like this raises a business profile and ultimately grows business by promoting their win.  The participation and results each year clearly show that many area businesses are doing the right thing by their customers and clients. Last year, people still jumped in to acknowledge their favorite businesses as more than 45,000 votes came through the voting system, Trefcer said.

After twelve years, our mission is no different. We still strive to unveil what’s up-and-coming, give credit where it’s due and provide useful information to our loyal readers.   

To help businesses promote their participation in this annual event, there will be promotional and marketing tools available to use or download at www.theapopkachief.com.  These marketing tools are available for businesses to utilize and aid in promoting their involvement in this community-wide event.

This year we expect the Best of Apopka to be more competitive and exciting as more and more readers and businesses participate. As in the previous years, this event is taken seriously by our local businesses. Many invest a lot of time, money, and many hours to set the highest standards to achieve the greatest goals for their businesses. In return, they’ve become an inspiration to our community, but most importantly, they have earned the respect and trust of their patrons.

Every year in August and September, the voting process is opened for the Best of Apopka Readers’ Choice Awards. During this five-and-a-half-week window, everyone can vote for whatever local store, restaurant, business or person he or she feels should hold a 2022 Best of Apopka title. Voting will be done at www.theapopkachief.com. Only one ballot per email address will be permitted, and no more than 6 ballots will be permitted from one IP address. Individuals can vote electronically for as many businesses as they wish. However, a minimum of 10 votes must be placed per ballot to be validated. There will be no printed ballots accepted this year.

Once the voting ends, results are tallied and the top three businesses in each category will be notified. The deadline for submitting ballots will be Wednesday, September 28, at 12 pm. Placements will be announced in the 2022 Best of Apopka Reader’s Choice Awards publication that is scheduled to be published October 28 in The Apopka Chief, and November 3 in The Planter.

For more information, call The Apopka Chief at 407-886-2777.