2022 Best of Apopka Awards is postponed because of staffing issues


After reviewing program updates and confirming the needs for the 2022 Best of Apopka Reader’s Choice Awards, The Apopka Chief will be postponing this event due to staffing issues. As noted in last week’s article, there have been many challenges and complex issues that almost every business has sustained to some level. Challenges in our community, as well as throughout the U.S., have included recuperating from the Covid pandemic, ongoing staffing issues, product shortages, and inflation. “As difficult as this is to postpone, it’s our hope that the program and staffing issues will be resolved in order to move forward with this event,” noted publisher John Ricketson. The Apopka Chief has sponsored this event since 2010. The Best of Apopka event has always been well received by local businesses, readers and community at large and voting has always been done electronically from our website as well as with printed ballots. The printed ballots were eliminated in 2020 during the outbreak of Covid. Throughout the years, the tally from The Apopka Chief ‘s voting system has been between 50-80 thousand votes per year. We will keep the community updated as we work on resolving these issues