For 15 years, Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping has specialized in all phases of tree service


Landscaping with trees is an investment in the future.

Trees aren’t just an investment in your property, but an investment in the environment as well. Trees clean the air, provide oxygen, cool the streets and sidewalks, and even help to conserve energy.

Trees can increase the value of your property and provide some incredible benefits to your landscaping, including shade for you and your family from the hot Florida sun, wonderful fruits, and a place for birds to nest and squirrels to play. They can also improve the look of your home and landscaping when they’re properly maintained.

In order to have beautiful trees, proper pruning is necessary and important for a tree’s health. Pruning can remove safety hazards, discourage the spread of any decay and insect infestations, increase airflow, and allow for more light to shine through.

Well cared for trees are attractive, safe, and reduce various liability risks associated with hazardous trees. Trees at risk that need professional service can have:

• Branches that are rubbing each other or rubbing wires on your home or business

• Branches that are touching or laying on your rooftop

• Low hanging bran-ches that obstruct the street or sidewalk

• Branches that appear diseased or insect infested

Another issue trees face in Central Florida is severe storms. Many trees can be damaged from strong winds and hail, or even become uprooted. Since storm damaged trees are often an accident waiting to happen, calling for tree damage repair is not something you want to put off once a problem is noticed. Ignoring the problem of storm-damaged trees is likely to lead to larger, more expensive repair costs down the road.

James Maltby, owner and operator of Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping stated, “If you have a tree that has grown too large for your property, is damaging your foundation, or is in danger of breaking or falling on the roof of your home, this can be a major cause for concern. When these things happen, call us. We have trained professionals to evaluate each situation and to provide you with the best in customer service. We pride ourselves on a fast response time and the best prices guaranteed.”

If a tree needs to be removed, their employees work quickly and efficiently, while adhering to the highest standards of safety. Their staff is always ready to assist you to make sure your landscaping and tree needs are met to your satisfaction.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping is reachable 24 hours-a-day for any after hours emergency service. For your convenience and peace of mind, a management team member is always on site for all services and property evaluations.

Owner James Maltby was born and raised in Apopka. He’s a family man, and his employees have been with his company for many years. They hire the best in the business, and honest and dependable work is their priority. They’re fully licensed and insured, including Workers’ Compensation on all employees.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping would be happy to quote commercial tree trimming or removal jobs. With over 15 years in business, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with a company that prides itself on a job well done.

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